Passing and Lane Change Laws for Semi Truck Drivers

On the road, a semi-truck is a dangerous machine that needs to be handled properly. As a fellow motorist, one of the most important things you can do is understand the basic laws governing the drivers of those vehicles. When can they change lanes, how are they supposed to pass, and what rules are you supposed to follow when near one of the large, dangerous vehicles? By understanding the rules of the road, it will be easier to keep yourself safe out there.

Passing Laws

Passing on the highway is a tricky thing that will vary from state to state. Most states with two or three lane highways and minimal traffic require the right lane to be used at all times unless you are planning on passing, in which case you can move into the left lane. Busier highways will allow traffic in all lanes with passing still required on the left. Passing on the right is generally frowned upon and in many cases illegal.

Trucks, in many states, are not supposed to pass other vehicles.

Additionally, some states impose lane restrictions on them to keep them from going into the left or middle lanes. However, on uphill grades where slow moving vehicles block them, they may move anyways, so you should be aware of the possibility.
Lane Changing in a Big Truck

Lane changes for a big rig truck should be completed slowly and with care for other drivers and the time they need to get out of the way. Because of blind spots on the side of a truck, the extra time is practically necessary to allow others the time needed to adapt and to not get in the way.
The risk of an accident is not diminished immediately just because you know the rules that the truck driver is supposed to follow. It is important to remember that every driver out there is human and prone to mistakes.

Assuming any one of them will remain vigilant and mistake free on the road is a quick way to put yourself in danger by ignoring potential risks. This article is not meant to provide legal advice.

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